Fresh fruit and vegetables are vital parts of a healthy diet. Just ask your doctor!
Plus, even if you’re unconcerned about health… Great flavours, distinct textures, appetising smells, appealing colours. Enjoyment, pleasurable eating.

That’s why we are passionate about fresh fruit and vegetables.

Drawing on our decades of experience supplying our community in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Highlands Fresh has a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of our customers. This relationship grows and evolves daily.

As an informed and discerning consumer, you look for attentive customer service and for top-quality products which consistently meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our careful selection of good-value high-quality fresh produce from the markets is guided by our knowledge of likely local demand through the year. So, the items you purchase will not have been on life-support for weeks or months! Fresh is Best!

To compliment our range of fresh fruit and vegetables, we also offer an interesting and useful selection of gourmet grocery items – the makings of a successful lunch or dinner party.

How about a thoughtful gift of fresh produce? What a treat! Gift Baskets are available.

Our knowlegeable staff are on hand to help and advise you if needed.

Your return trip to your car will be only a few metres. Parking is free and convenient.